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Studying without Abitur or finding doctors for rural areas with a shortage of medical supply – in these or similar cases we also support state institutions, universities and organisations.

We …

  • develop a selection process that is tailored to your needs
  • deal with your specific demands
  • deal with the organisational and legal framework
  • support and advise during the entire process

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In Germany, studying without the Abitur is of course possible in principle, but what do you do if you have a subject-related higher education entrance qualification that is not sufficient for the desired degree programme? In Baden-Württemberg, a solution to this situation was created with the “Deltaprüfung”.

A general scholastic ability test, which lasts several hours, tests the general ability to study. Once the test has been passed, it is possible to apply for the desired study place. Exceptions to this rule are medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and law. We prepare the Deltaprüfung for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, provide support in planning and organisation and evaluate.


Medical care in rural areas is getting worse in some parts of Germany. Almost all the federal states have reacted to this by introducing a so-called “Landarztquote” (rural doctor quota). A so-called “Vorabquote” was introduced in the respective Higher Education Act. Applicants for medical studies can apply for one of the study places in the respective federal state which are allocated via this quota. By accepting such a study place, they commit themselves to working as a doctor in medically undersupplied regions of the federal state for a certain period of time subsequent to their studies.

Depending on the federal state, applicants are selected either on the basis of the result of the Test for Medical Studies (TMS) or by means of a separate selection process. In the selection process motivational factors or personal characteristics are assessed using structured interviews or tests. We support some federal states in the development and implementation of their selection tools.

Deltaprüfung of Baden-Württemberg

The Deltaprüfung follows the concept of a general scholastic ability test.

The Deltaprüfung is intended to facilitate access to the universities in Baden-Württemberg for new groups of applicants or to open up study programmes to prospective students with subject-related higher education entrance qualifications which were previously excluded by the existing subject-related restrictions.
A successful completion of the Deltaprüfung only allows an application to Bachelor’s programmes. This Deltaprüfung thus makes it possible to fill the delta between the final school exam and the needed requirement for the desired study programme.

The Deltraprüfung takes about 3 hours and consists of a total of five different modules:

  • Recognizing Patterns 
  • Solving quantitative problems
  • Sense of language
  • Reasoning
  • Analysing charts

The Deltaprüfung is conducted in German.

Fully structured interviews for the Saarland's Landarztquote

As part of the selection process for applicants for the Saarland’s Landarztquote, we have developed a fully structured interview for the Saarland Social Affairs Office. The basis for the interview was a comprehensive requirements analysis in which the specific requirements for work as a rural doctor in Saarland were identified. We also trained the interviewers.

In addition to the results of the structured interview, the results of the Test for Medical Studies (TMS), among other things, are also included in the selection.

Scholastic aptitude test for the landarztquote of Saxony-Anhalt

We have developed a subject-specific scholastic aptitude test that is used as part of the selection process for applicants to Saxony-Anhalt’s “Landarztquote”. The selection test consists of three modules: study aptitude, motivation & interest and personality.

Together with experts, a requirements analysis was first carried out in which the competences and characteristics relevant to a rural doctor’s work were identified for each module. Based on this, a test concept was developed and implemented.

The test is organised and conducted by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Saxony-Anhalt. In the first two years 2020 and 2021, the selection test was conducted with proctoring due to the pandemic situation.