Test for programmes in technology, engineering and mathematics

Select the right students for technology, enginerring and mathematics

ITB-Technology is a psychometric subject-specific test for assessing aptitude to study in the field of technology, engineering and mathematics. The test can be taken online or offline at the campus or from home via video supervision (“proctoring”). ITB-Science consists of four modules, each comprising 15 tasks, which have proven successful in predicting academic success.

Duration: 2 hours, 60 tasks.

Languages: English and German

The prognostic validity of the modules used for academic success in various STEM subjects has been proven in empirical studies.

Why ITB-Technology?

Proven test modules for the prediction of study success

Quantitative problems

measures quantitative skills and assumes a basic knowledge of mathematics.

Figural problems

consists of matrices that test reasoning in the figurative domain and general cognitive skills.

Formalizing scientific interrelationships

measures the competency to understand technical and scientific interrelationships with mathematical formulas.

Graphs and tables

measures competence in understanding illustrations and diagrams on various topics in the field of study.

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