Language Learning Ability Test

Measuring the aptitude to learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language quickly is an important prerequisite for successful integration in another country. Those who are able to learn a new language in a short period of time can quickly develop their school, academic or professional potential.

What factors determine how quickly one learns a foreign language? Important factors are the time invested, the pedagogical guidance, the motivation to learn the language in question and relevant experience with learning (similar) languages. Language ability also plays a role, and some facets of language ability can be measured with ITB-LLAT.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the version. 16-22 items

Languages tested: English, German, French, Spanish

Administration: PC-based with on-site proctoring or online from home with video proctoring.

Why do organisations use the Language Learning Ability Test ITB-LLAT?

A proven concept for predicting language learning success

The test uses fictitious artificial languages, each of which is presented with two items. Simple phrases or sentences in the artificial language are given with their translation. Using these simple phrases or sentences, rules of the language can be recorded so that new phrases or short sentences can be generated. Versions of different length and difficulty can be used to test different target groups, from school children to highly qualified migrants with university degrees.

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