We are passionate about aptitude diagnostics. We offer selection procedures for students and scholarship holders at the highest level, based on the current state of research and always against the background of legal and political framework conditions. Many years of experience have made us specialists in our field. We are constantly developing our tests and procedures and quickly adapt them to new social conditions as well as technological innovations.

Who we are

There is a unique team of dedicated staff behind the institute – each an expert in their own field.

Our test developers all have an academic degree in psychology with specialisation in aptitude testing and are licensed according to DIN 33430. The test developers are supported by project staff with many years of experience and a high level of expertise in the organisation of selection procedures, the preparation of test documents and data collection.

Our scientific claim

  • Scientific basis of our procedures: We develop our procedures according to scientific standards (e.g. DIN 33430) and are guided by current scientific findings.
  • Evaluating and proving our procedures: We regularly evaluate our procedures and publish the findings. In addition, an item analysis is part of every test evaluation.
  • Application of modern statistical methods: We deal extensively with the latest methods for evaluating procedures, e.g. ant algorithms, and test their suitability for our procedures.
  • Conducting studies: Within the framework of our projects and fields of activity, we conduct studies – most of them together with our cooperation partners. We also support our employees in their doctoral projects and theses.
  • Accompaniment by scientific advisory board: Three renowned and distinguished scientists support us by conveying the latest findings of psychological research as well as their own ideas and cooperate with us in various projects.

Our history

In 1971, the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes founded its own “Institute for Test Development and Talent Research”, ITB for short. This made it a pioneer in the German-speaking world in the field of research into giftedness and the selection of students with the help of testing procedures. The institute quickly aroused the interest of universities and other educational organisations with its sound scientific work and the innovative concepts based on it. The ITB psychologists developed selection and counselling tests as well as self-assessments for prospective students on behalf of the Federal Government, the Länder and other public institutions. This includes, for example, the Test for Medical Studies (TMS) – a project not only scientifically but also politically exciting at the time. The TMS is still one of the most important academic aptitude tests in Germany. In the meantime, almost half a million applicants have taken the test.

By the mid-1980s, the institute had gained such a good reputation beyond the university landscape that renowned business enterprises also took notice of the ITB. The scientific findings on the selection of students were also to be transferred to selection procedures for employees and managers. Thus, the ITB was also commissioned to develop test and assessment centre procedures for companies.

The expansion of the range of tasks led to the emergence of ITB GmbH from the institute in 1992, then officially ITB Consulting GmbH since 2000. The four founders, Dr. Franz Blum, Dr. Ernst Fay, Dr. Ulla Maichle and Prof. Dr. Günter Trost, wanted to make their accumulated expertise and experience available to a broader target group. Despite the expansion of the range of tasks, new clients and a new entrepreneurial legal form, the ITB always remained true to its scientific approach and foundation as well as the development and implementation of selection procedures in the education sector.

The two areas of responsibility – university solutions and business solutions – continue to exist side by side on an equal footing. In the years since the founding of the GmbH, both areas have been strengthened and expanded.

In the area of university solutions, the Institute for Test and Aptitude Research develops, in addition to the TMS, numerous other aptitude tests as well as selection procedures for scholarship holders and conducts research on aptitude and aptitude together with test scientists from the field of psychological aptitude diagnostics. The focus continues to be on the prediction of study success and the design of academic aptitude tests. We continue to look for innovations that can optimise our procedures and make them fit for the future. Many of our tests are modern online tests that are proctored in test centres or with the help of proctoring.

In the Business Solutions division, we consult organisations on all questions relating to personnel selection and personnel development – starting with procedures for trainees up to procedures for managers.

Synergies through the combination of both areas

By linking the two business areas, numerous synergies arise and both areas can benefit from each other. For example, the Institute for Test and Talent Research advises the company solutions through scientific consulting and accompanying research. Through its cooperation with companies, the ITB knows the requirements that later employers place on graduates and always stays up to date there. In the case of new developments, e.g. technological and digital, in the area of company solutions, these are also available to the institute.