New testing system to be expanded with additional online tests

Since 2020, numerous aptitude tests have been carried out with the ITB’s own test system IONA (ITB-Online-Assessment): Several thousand applicants took part in the ITB-Business, ITB-Science and ITB-Technology tests, as well as the Baden-Württemberg Deltaprüfung. After these successful tests in the years 2020 to 2022, the development of further features and a new registration system, the tests TM-WISO, the selection test of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, PhaST as well as the selection test of the Bucerius Law School will now also be migrated to IONA.

The IONA test system was originally used for personnel selection and development tests. As it has now also proved to be robust and reliable for use in admissions tests with a very large number of participants at the same time, we are now switching to IONA for all our admissions tests.

Modern and solid

In the development of IONA, the usability has been improved so that the system is intuitive to use and has a modern look and feel. In addition, a tutorial allows participants to familiarise themselves with the test system at the start of the test. The system is compatible with all major Internet browsers and is completely web-based, requiring no downloads or local installations.

It also meets all current requirements for data protection, flexibility, reliability and accessibility:

  • European standard data protection: All data is highly encrypted. Servers are located in France in ISO 27001 certified data centres. All sub-contractors (e.g. for implementation with proctoring) are based in the EU.
  • Very high reliability: With almost 100% availability and a high level of robustness, a stable and trouble-free test delivery can be guaranteed, even with a high number of participants.
  • Flexibility: IONA allows us to adapt all online tests quickly and easily. This allows us to continually optimise the selection process and adapt it to the needs of universities and other institutions.
  • Accessibility: To ensure equal opportunities for all participants, our testing system is barrier-free. This makes it easy to compensate for disadvantages.

If you want to see what the IONA testing system is like, check out the our practice tests, e.g. the practice test for TM-WISO.

Continuous development and new features

The system is continuously adapted to the current requirements of different admission tests. Since 2021, IONA has had its own interface to the EURO proctoring system. For specific use cases, data-saving photo proctoring has also been developed, in which photos are taken at random intervals during the test so that it can be checked afterwards whether the correct person has taken the test alone. This adds another option to proctoring, which already has several implementation options.

The new registration portal makes it easy to book test dates. It also supports online payment with various payment methods, cancellation or rebooking, as well as downloading documents and initiating the automatic sending of results to target universities. All processes are available in English and German, with a French version in preparation.

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