Pharmacy study aptitude test

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PhaST is a subject-specific study aptitude test that was developed in accordance with the international standards of psychological aptitude diagnostics. PhaST was developed in co-operation between the University of Freiburg, the University of Tübingen, the University of Heidelberg and the ITB. It consists of the following modules, which have been proven to predict academic success:

  • Working Precision and Concentration
  • Understanding and Applying Complex Rules
  • Linking Complex Data
  • Comprehending Text
  • Thinking Spatially
  • Analysing Material Qualitatively
  • Interpreting Scientific Figures and Tables
  • Analysing Quantitative Relationships
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

The various exercises cover skills such as memory, logical reasoning and concentration.

Duration: 4 hours

Test languages: German

Implementation: Online in test centres

Participation fee: €75 (incl. VAT), €125 in the succession phase.

Why do universities use PhaST?

Proven test modules for predicting academic success

Working Precision and Concentration

records the ability to concentrate and work precisely, even under time pressure.

Understanding and Applying Complex Rules

measures the ability to deal with complex rules and the ability to concentrate.

Linking Complex Data

tests memory and the ability to link information from different modes of presentation.


Comprehending Text

measures text comprehension using subject-related texts from the field of study.

Thinking Spatially

tests spatial imagination based on the rotation of biomolecules.

Analysing Material Qualitatively

tests the ability to concretise and experiment on the basis of problems in analytical chemistry.

Interpreting Scientific Figures and Tables

measures the ability to understand illustrations and diagrams on various topics in the field of study.

Analysing Quantitative Relationships

measures quantitative skills and requires basic knowledge of maths.

Mathematics and physics

tests basic school knowledge in the fields of maths and physics.


tests basic school knowledge in the field of biology for the degree programme.


tests basic school knowledge in the field of chemistry for the degree programme.

Test dates 2024

The registration phase for the 2024 test dates starts on 3 January 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Test DateRegistration Deadline
Late Registration Period
27.04.202427.03.2024, 12:00 noon 10.04.2024
25.05.202424.04.2024, 12:00 noon 08.05.2024
29.06.202429.05.2024, 12:00 noon 12.06.2024
30.11.202430.10.2024, 12:00 noon 13.11.2024

Only test dates with free places will be displayed in the registration portal. Your results will be available for download in your user account no later than ten days after the test!

These universities are currently using PhaST:


You can apply to study pharmacy at universities via Hochschulstart. Here you can enter your PhaST result directly in the application process. Further information on the application process at Hochschulstart as well as the important dates and deadlines for the application can be found at

The result of the PhaST is taken into account by the user universities in the various quotas. The best way to find out exactly how the PhaST result is taken into account together with other criteria is to consult the selection statutes of the universities to which you wish to apply. You will always find the most up-to-date and binding information there. As a rule, the test score shown in the PhaST result (standard score) of the overall test is taken into account in such a way that you can only improve and not worsen your chances of a place by submitting the PhaST result.