More information
about your test centre

On this page you will find more detailed information about the hygiene regulations that apply in your test centre or any other special features that you need to be aware of:

Please continue to keep distance

  • Please generally keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other participants and other persons. This applies in particular to registration and during breaks when you are eating or drinking.

The following regulations are expected to apply for wearing a face mask for the test day on 26.11.2022.

Please note that the regulations on wearing a face mask may change at short notice. We have no influence on this. Please make sure that you have a medical face mask with you, even if your test centre is listed as a test centre without a need for wearing a face mask Only medical masks (OP or FFP2 masks) are permitted. Please also note that we have different regulations for the two test centres in Cologne for this test day. The assignment to the test centres is random, a rebooking to the other test centre is not possible!

  • Wearing a face mask is not compulsory (nevertheless, you are welcome to wear one): Aachen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne (Train & Education), Lübeck, Ludwigsburg, München, Osnabrück, Pforzheim, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Würzburg
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory in corridors or when moving within the test centre: Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Cologne (PROKODA) Mannheim, Marburg
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory also at the seat during the test:: Leipzig
In addition (!) a so called “3G-regulation” applies to the following test centres: Bremen
  • “3G regulation” : In order to access the test centre and thus participate in the test, all participants must be either vaccinated, recovered or tested. Please note in all cases the validity of the proofs that apply in Germany. We are not legally allowed to let you take part in the test without presenting appropriate certificates.

The following proofs of “3G” are accepted:

  • Proof of a complete vaccination status (vaccinated twice (also incl. booster) with a vaccine that is accepted in Germany) by means of a digital or analogue vaccination certificate, whereby the second vaccination must have taken place at least 14 days ago.
  • Proof of recovery by means of a digital or analogue proof of recovery. This is valid at the earliest 28 days after the first positive PCR test and at the longest for 90 days after the first positive PCR test.
  • Negative Covid 19 test result (digital or analogue). Either as a PCR test, which must be no more than 48 hours old at the time of submission, or as a rapid test from a recognised testing site, which must be no more than 24 hours old at the time of submission.
Attention: Additional information for the test centre in Saarbrücken!
  • Please bring a 1 or 2 euro coin as a deposit for the cloakroom lockers.
  • Only water is allowed as a drink in this test centre.