Worldwide Admission Test Dates for 2024

As in 2023, four of our admission tests are available worldwide on fixed test dates. Institutions of Higher Education also have the option to reserve individual test days for their applicants. Tests are conducted online with video supervision, offering flexibility through various time slots, allowing prospective students everywhere in the world to take the tests […]

New testing system to be expanded with additional online tests

Since 2020, numerous aptitude tests have been carried out with the ITB’s own test system IONA (ITB-Online-Assessment): Several thousand applicants took part in the ITB-Business, ITB-Science and ITB-Technology tests, as well as the Baden-Württemberg Deltaprüfung. After these successful tests in the years 2020 to 2022, the development of further features and a new registration system, […]

TM-WISO test results will not be sent to the University of Cologne!

As of this year, at the request of the university, we will no longer be sending test results to the University of Cologne. Please make sure to send your results to the University of Cologne in due time. The results will be available for download as a pdf document in your account no later than […]

Updated Terms of Service

We’ve adjusted our Terms of Service. The amendments mainly concern regulations for the conduct of test procedures via proctoring, as well as cases of forbidden behaviour during a test procedure that can lead to exclusion from the test.

Study shows: There is no advantage in intensive training for the TM-WISO

Following the TM-WISO, 205 participants provided information on their preparation time. On average, participants prepared for TM-WISO for 12.08 hours; the correlation between preparation time and test score was not significant. The complex problem-solving tasks used in TM-WISO are intended to be less trainable than tasks measuring general cognitive abilities used in some university admission […]