Scholastic Aptitude Test
for STEM courses

Welcome to BT-MINT

With the BT-MINT, we record those cognitive skills that are particularly important for successful study in STEM subjects:

  • School knowledge of mathematics/science
  • Reasoning and combinatorial thinking
  • Analytical competence

BT-MINT consists of four groups of tasks:

  • Mathematical and Scientific Knowledge
  • Formalising Scientific Interrelationships
  • Understanding Abstract Rule Systems
  • Interpreting Scientific Figures
In three empirical studies, the BT-MINT was evaluated and prepared for use. Among other things, test quality criteria (e.g., reliability, construct validity) were recorded in the studies. The results of the studies speak for the suitability of the BT-MINT as a selection instrument for science degree programmes.

Test duration: approx. 3.5 hours, Participation fee: 75 euros

Demo Test BT-MINT

Our demo test gives you an insight into the structure and tasks of BT-MINT. It is also available to participants free of charge for preparation.

Please use a newer version of Internet Explorer or Firefox and deactivate the pop-up blockers. You can find the respective solution to each task under “Show solution”.