Test for Master's programmes
in business administration,
social sciences and economics

Welcome to TM-WISO

The TM-WISO is a subject-specific study aptitude test developed according to the international standards of psychological aptitude diagnostics. It consists of the following modules which have proven to predict study success:

  • Planning and Organising Projects
  • Analysing Texts
  • Formalising Economic Interrelationships
  • Interpreting Business Charts

Duration: 3:50 h, 90 exercises.

Test languages: English and German.

Implementation: Online in test centers, on campus or online-proctored at home.

Participation fee: 100 Euro (including VAT), 150 Euro for late registrations.


Why do organisations use TM-WISO?

Proven test modules for the prediction of study success

Planning and Organising Projects

assesses the ability to organise and plan terms of time, structure and place.

Formalising Economic Interrelationships

measures the competency to understand economic interrelationships with mathematical formulas.

Analysing Texts

measures text comprehension using subject-related texts from the field of study. ​

Interpreting Business Charts

measures competence in understanding illustrations and diagrams on various topics in the field of study.

For more information regarding test development, implementation and evaluation, download the procedural notes:

Test Dates 2023

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25.10.2023, 12:00


Only test appointments with free places are displayed in the registration portal. Your results will be available for download in your user account no later than ten days after the test!

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