Notes on forbidden behaviour
For tests like the BT-STEM it is of decisive importance that all participants are subject to the same working conditions, i.e. that all participants stick to the same rules and no one takes an advantage at the expense of the other participants. Infringements of these regulations must be sanctioned.

The following will result in a warning:

  • the use of unauthorised auxiliary means.
    The following items are authorised at the PC work desks: photo identification, invitation letter, pens distributed by the test centre, concept paper distributed by the test centre, earplugs, handkerchiefs.
    Unauthorised auxiliary means include amongst others: bags, jackets, coats, headgears1, books, watches, calculators, writing utensiles, text markers, cameras in all forms, mobile phones, one’s own notice paper, MP3 players, writing cases, spectacle cases, mascots…
  • any attempt to deceive (e.g. copy from other participants).
  • any attempt to communicate with other participants.
  • disturbance of other participants.


The following will result in immediate exclusion:

  • after having received a prior warning another infringement is made.
  • the test is taken under an assumed name (the official photo identification will be checked by the test supervisors before the beginning of the test as well as during processing of the test). Each violation will be prosecuted and reported.
  • if further browser windows or programmes are opened.
  • if unapproved items that can be used to copy or duplicate the test material are carried to the work desk. These include amongst others: cameras in all forms, mobile phones, one’s own notice paper. Each violation will be prosecuted and reported.
  • if it is tried to take away or copy test material, such as exercises, concept paper or instructions. Each violation will be prosecuted and reported.


1Exceptions are possible e.g. in case of headgears and garments, that are worn for religious reasons. However, it must be ensured at any point in time of the test execution that the supervisor can prove the participant’s identity. Moreover, it has to be excluded that the items can be used for any violation of the test rules. 

The first test version of BT-STEM has been completed and is currently undergoing empirical testing. BT-STEM will be available to universities and prospective students from 2019.
The registration phase for BT-STEM started on 08 April 2019 (9:00 am). You can register here for the BT-STEM.
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