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ITB-Business replaces BT-WISO

From 2023, the ITB-Business will be used exclusively as scholastic aptitude test for undergraduate degree programmes and will replace the BT-WISO.

The ITB-Business covers the same ability areas and is designed similarly to the BT-WISO. Three of the four groups of exercises (solving quantitative problems, diagrams and tables, and text comprehension) are identical. The group of exercises “text comprehension” was slightly modified: The texts are shorter and the questions can be answered from the texts and not only from notes. The group of exercises “conclusions” is replaced by a language-free task format, the Matrices.

The ITB-Business is significantly shorter with a completion time of approximately 2 hours. In addition, the new format offers the possibility to take the ITB-Business not only in test centres but also at home with supervision (so-called proctoring).

More about the ITB-Business, the structure and the test dates for 2023 …

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