Current protective measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The regulations relevant to the execution of testing procedures in test centres (e.g. of federal states, of our service providers) change very dynamically – also depending on current pandemic events. We are doing our best to implement all adjustments as quickly as possible, to create standardised conditions and to inform all those affected in good time. For this reason, we ask you to check our website again shortly before your test date for the currently valid conditions and requirements. Please also note the applicable travel regulations and possible restrictions on overnight stays at the test location. We have limited or no influence on the applicable regulations and therefore cannot grant any exceptions

The following regulations currently apply:

  • Distance: Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other participants and other persons. This applies in particular to registration and during breaks when you are eating or drinking.
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory: Face masks must be worn as soon as you move within the test centre and when you are not sitting at your workplace. Only medical and FFP masks are permitted. Depending on the pandemic situation, the mask obligation can also be extended to the wearing of a face mask during test and/or to an FFP2 mask wearing obligation (i.e. medical masks are not sufficient).
  • vaccinated or recovered (so called 2G) or vaccinated/tested or recovered/tested (so called 2G+): For access to test centres and thus for participation in the test, until further notice, all participants must at least either be vaccinated (14 days after complete vaccination, with a vaccine accepted in Germany) or recovered. We may have to switch to even 2G+, i.e. all participants must be vaccinated & tested/boosted or recovered & tested. In the strictest case, proof via a PCR test is also mandatory. We will follow the current regulations and will inform you as soon as we can provide more concrete information. In all cases, please note the validity of the certificates in Germany (e.g. 6 months for convalescents; PCR tests not older than 48). Please bring the relevant certificates with you on the day of the test and show it at registration. Due to the current pandemic situation, it is not permitted at the moment to allow persons without certificates of vaccination or recovery (or roof of negative tests) to take part in the test in test centres. Proof of negative tests are currently not sufficient.

We assume that this regulation, i.e. also 2G in test centres, will be valid at least until the test date of the TM-WISO on 19.02.2022. We will inform about the current developments and changes here.