For 2022, we are currently planning to offer TM-WISO with proctoring parallel to the test dates in test centres. There will be limited contingents, which will give especially those the opportunity to participate in the TM-WISO who cannot participate on site in test centres (e.g. do not have the possibility to travel due to travel restrictions).

To take the test with proctoring, you can register regularly in the registration portal. Proctoring (or the corresponding start time slot) is specified there as the test location. Accordingly, the same conditions for re-registration (e.g. from proctoring to a test centre or vice versa) and the same registration deadline apply for proctoring as for TM-WISO at test centres.

Please note that there is no right to participate with proctoring. Due to the possibility to take the TM-WISO with proctoring, there will be no separate application for test-taking outside Germany from 2022 onwards.

The test dates for 2022 can be found here.

There will probably be minor changes in the proctoring process, e.g. due to technical developments. Procedures and (technical) requirements may change. We will inform you in due time on our website about how the implementation with proctoring 2022 will look like and how it will proceed and we will update the information before the start of the registration phase for 2022. Please inform yourself again before you register.