University of St. Gallen as new TM-WISO university

We are pleased to welcome the University of St. Gallen as a new TM-WISO university. The University of St. Gallen has decided to use the TM-WISO score for admission to seven master programs.

The University of St. Gallen has been using an admission test for foreign applicants, the “Zulassungsprüfung”, developed by ITB for many years. Now TM-WISO has been introduced as an entrance test for the master’s programs in Accounting and Finance, Business Innovation, Business Management, Marketing Management, International Law, Economics and Computer Science. Alternatively, applicants can submit GMAT or GRE.

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Registration phase for BT-WISO started

The registration phase for the BT-WISO (Scholastic Aptitude Test for Bachelor’s Programmes in Business Administration, Social Sciences and Economics) started today. Here you can find more information about the registration.

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The circle of PhaST universities continues to grow

Five additional universities accept the Pharmacy Study Aptitude Test PhaST  for the selection of their students: Kiel University  Leipzig University  Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz University of Münster Universität Regensburg  We

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