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TM-WISO and PhaST on 24.04.2021

Due to the current situation we are forced to make adjustments for the test on 24.04.2021.

All registered participants will be informed in detail by mail. Please pay attention to the detailed information we will send you in the mail (e.g. about the concrete re-registration date).

Here themost important information about TM-WISO and PhaST in short:

TM-WISO: The TM-WISO will be held on 24.04 exclusively with proctoring. All registered participants will be rebooked to a proctoring time slot (will be displayed in the registration portal) and can either cancel free of charge or reregister to another test date until 15.04., if they do not want to take the TM-WISO as a proctoring test.

PhaST: The PhaST is conducted under strict hygiene measures in testing centers. Wearing an FFP2 mask is required during the entire test procedure. For the test centers in Freiburg, Mannheim and Waiblingen, a current negative Corona test result must also be submitted All registered participants can either cancel free of charge by 16.04. or re-register for another test date if they do not wish to participate in the test under the conditions.

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