TM-WISO: Testing outside Germany now with proctoring

For students who would like to take the TM-WISO but cannot be in Germany on the regular test dates, e.g. because they are studying abroad, we offer additional tests outside Germany. From 2021 onwards, these will be carried out regularly with so-called proctoring instead of in test centres abroad. This may save the participant further travel to the test centre.

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TM-WISO and PhaST on 24.04.2021

Due to the current situation we are forced to make adjustments for the test on 24.04.2021. All registered participants will be informed in detail by mail. Please pay attention to

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Registration phase for BT-WISO started

The registration phase for BT-WISO (scholastic aptitude test for bachelor’s programmes in business administration, social sciences and economics) started today. Here you can find more information about the registration.

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